Non-Refundable Deposit Policy

Very Good Boi, Jinx

Henlo Frenz! Dis iz good boi Jinx, here wid message from my mum Dr. Kate!

Hello friends and clients,

We are so very appreciative of your support and trust in us for the care of your beloved pets. We have been booking into the next month for routine appointments, and up to 2 months out for routine surgical appointments.

Therefore, it is a very disturbing trend to see the ever increasing frequency of “no shows“ for appointments and surgeries. Every slot that we have saved for you, could happily be taken by another client whose pet needs care.

Of course life happens and we understand that. But there are so many people hoping for cancellations in order to get an earlier appointment, that not showing up and not calling to cancel is very discourteous to those that would gladly take that slot. If an appointment is cancelled early enough certainly another client can take advantage of the opening.

It is with great disappointment and sadness that we will need to institute a “no show policy.” If a client does not show up and does not call to cancel, then if/when that client calls to reschedule, we will be taking a non refundable deposit. The deposit for appointments will be the cost of the exam. The deposit for surgical appointments will be 50% of the lower end of the estimate.

These deposits will, of course, be applied to the balance of the visit. If the appointment is missed without calling then the deposit is non refundable.

Thank you for understanding that this policy is to help save appointment slots only for those that really want/need them, and getting clients in more promptly as a consequence.
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