Meet Our Staff

Dr. Kate Mayfield Berberick, Owner and Veterinarian

A pretty woman wearing medical scrubs with a green floral print sits in a chair. Seated in front of her are two dogs. On the left is a young Golden Retriever, and on the right is a senior hound mix.
Dr. Kate Berberick, with her two dogs, Toffee and Presley

Dr. Berberick is a 2004 graduate of The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Following graduation, she took an internship at the prestigious Hagyard, Davidson, and McGee Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY. After 6 years of exclusive equine practice, Dr. Berberick expanded into small animal medicine and surgery. She has found joy in providing care for companion animals and their families.

Dr. Berberick moved to Florida in 2014, where she started working for Coquina Ridge Animal Clinic. In April 2019, she became the proud owner of Coquina Ridge and strives to continue the legacy of care that has been long established. In her off time, she enjoys belly dancing, hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling, gardening, taking her dogs to agility training, and sharing her home with those 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 budgies.

Carie Salzman, Customer Service Representative/Office Manager

A pretty woman with curly brown hair wearing glasses smiles at the camera.
Carie Salzman, Customer Service Representative/Office Manager
A cute brown and white guinea pig is very close to the camera, and looking straight at you.
One of Carie’s many adorable guinea pigs

Carie started at Coquina Ridge back in 1998 as a technician. Her furbabies include her Corgi, Stevie Rosebud, and several guinea pigs. In her spare time, she likes to go on cruises.

Franchel Maher, Veterinary Technician/Lead Surgical Technician

Franchel Maher, with her dogs, from left to right, Liefie, Bunny, and Callie, and her bird, Frisco

In Cape Town, South Africa, Franchel’s house was known as the local zoo. Franchel’s love of animals came from her mother who never said NO to any critter she brought home. She came to the USA in 1993 as an Au Pair in order to support her night time studies. Her career in veterinary medicine started in 1997. Franchel graduated with a BS in Biology in 1999 and a Veterinary Technology degree in 2002. After focusing on being an involved mom for a while, she spent a few years in the grooming field until she moved to FL in 2015. Pursuing her first love, veterinary technology, brought her to the Palm Bay Animal Clinic in 2016. She transferred to the Coquina Ridge Animal Clinic family late in 2017. When she is not in the clinic you will find her gardening with her husband Colin, cuddling with her fur babies, and cheering on her sons, Colben and Chris.

Jennifer McBride, Veterinary Technician/Saturday Reception

A pretty woman wearing black scrub top and a red shirt underneath with a reindeer headband cuddles a black dog, who is wearing a red and white Santa hat. Behind them is a Christmas tree background.
Jennifer McBride with her dog, Killian
A pretty woman with dark hair and sunglasses smiles while cuddling next to a large black dog. They are both close to and looking at the camera.
Jennifer McBride with her dog, Killian
A pretty woman is smiling at the camera, and wearing a grey sweatshirt. A tiny grey kitten is cuddled up around her neck.
Jennifer McBride with her kitten, Sky

Jennifer has always had a passion for helping animals and has been in the Veterinary field since 2006. She is originally from New Jersey but moved to Florida in 2015. Jennifer enjoys horseback riding, going to the beach, and snuggling with her 3 furbabies: Killian, Sargent Smush Face, and Vinnie.

Arlene Velez, Veterinary Technician/Lead Appointment Technician

A grid of nine photos of a variety of farm animals. Top row, left to right: a group of chickens in a chicken coop; a small brown and shite dog wearing a blue bow; a brown horse wearing a saddle and bridle has it's top lip lifted very high and exposing it's teeth, and appears to be laughing. Middle row, left to right: a small black, white, and grey dog with fluffy ears; a woman on a horse in a fended-in riding arena; three small goats (2 black, and one white and grey). The bottom row, left to right: a brown and white horse; two large dogs that resemble German Shepherds and two small dogs peer up at the camera from behind a low baby gate; a white bird is on the grass with a leaf in its mouth.
Arlene Velez, and some of her many animals
A grid of nine photos, in 3 rows and 3 columns. The top row, from left to right: a green and red bird is on a table and appears to be playing with a white ball with holes in it; a brown a white horse is standing behind a metal gate with its head pushed over the gate and very close to the camera, and is waring a fly mask; a woman is riding a dark brown horse inside a fenced arena. Middle row, left to right: a person wearing a white shirt and jeans is riding a brown horse across grass, and a dog is walking along behind them; a brown horse is wearing a purple blanket that looks like a dress, a black hat with purple flowers and a green veil, and green and black striped socks, looking very much like a Halloween witch; two small dogs, one black and white, and the other a light golden color, and resting on a black chair. Bottom row, left to right: two dogs, a brown and white dog with one blue eye and one dark eye, and a brown dog with a black muzzle, look up from where they are laying on the floor; a very cute tiny brown and white terrier-looking dog smiles at the camera; a woman wearing a pink shirt, dark pants, and a dark cowboy hat is riding a dark brown horse.
Arlene Velez, and more of her animals!

Arlene has been working with and loving animals her whole life. From growing up in a family that took in all forms of animals and nurturing them back to health, to spending summers cleaning kennels and traveling to obedience and tracking trials, as well as trail riding her horses in the Sebastian area. As an adult, she then trained her own dogs (Rottweilers at the time) in obedience, tracking, and as licensed therapy dogs. Because there was no vet tech school in the area, she had to pound the pavement to try to find a veterinary hospital to hire her with no previous in hospital experience or certified training. In May of 1997 she convinced Dr. Turner to give her a chance and she was hired part time. Arlene has worked at Coquina Ridge ever since and enjoys the continued personable, family atmosphere of a small animal clinic with Dr. Berberick. In her spare time, she still enjoys dog training, showing and trail riding her horses, kayaking, camping, and other outdoor activities with her fur babies and family.

Kirsten Nilges, Veterinary Technician

A woman with brown hair and wearing glasses holds a grey striped cat, who looks like it may be sleeping and has its paws curled up near its face.
Kirsten Nilges and her cat, Kanna

Hi, I’m Kirsten! I have been a technician for about 5 years now. I have always loved animals ever since I was a child. I graduated from Kansas State University with an undergrad degree in animal science and industry. Ever since then I have been working in the animal business, mainly as a Veterinary Technician. I have a cat named Kanna, and she is my precious baby. I’m a huge nerd (just look at my vehicle) and I enjoy reading, jamming out and singing to music, watching TV, baking, cooking, playing video games, and arts and crafts.

Jessica Bland, Veterinary Technician

A pretty blonde woman kneeling on the grass with 3 pitbull dogs
Jessica Bland and three Pitbull dogs
A pretty blonde woman squatting on the ground and kissing a brown and white pitbull dog on the side of his head. The dog is looking at the camera.
Jessica Bland and one of her Pitbull dogs
A pretty, smiling, blonde woman is sitting on the ground with two smiling pitbull dogs. One is brown and white, and the other is brindle and white.
Jessica Bland and two of her Pitbull dogs

Jessica has been working in the industry as a Veterinary Technician since 2004. Jessica loves the fast-paced environment of being a technician, and the variety of tasks that must be performed with each patient. She enjoys making a positive difference in the lives of both the animals she treats and their owners. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family and her daughter Saylor, outdoors, traveling, and just relaxing. She shares her home with her Pitbull “Vegas” and her domestic shorthaired cat “S.K.”.